Marquiss Studios is creating a series of shows
to educate people about endangered wildlife.
We will be "visiting" various countries of the
world to see what animals are endangered, what
is being done to help them and what you can do.

Each show will be hosted by Captain Nemo,
Slade Vector and their two Robot assistants,
Mork and Mongo, who will "travel" to each
country in their airship, the Golden Falcon.

Video shows Captain Nemo's logo, his airship,
the Golden Falcon, and its main rooms.
Please turn up the sound to hear it.

The shows are non-political but produced
with the co-operation of the people in each
country who are directly involved with the
endangered species.

The countries we are currently working on
or planning to "visit" include:


These shows are a free service for the
countries and groups working to protect
and save our wildlife.  The shows are
funded by Marquiss Studios & donations
to the Marquiss Foundation, a non-profit
organization registered in California.
Please HELP:

1) Keep a record of your donation!*
2) You may also send a check made
out to the Marquiss Foundation
to the address HERE.
3) We do not and never will
share your info with anyone!**
4) All funds received will go directly
to supporting endangered species –
producing this series, maintaining
this site or forwarding the money to
groups helping endangered species.

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* We'll normally e-mail you a receipt.  If you have questions,
contact us at
** Except as required by law (ex: tax forms)

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